I WANT TO SPEAK BRIEFLY TO YOU ABOUT THE TRUE  NATURE OF PURE LOVE of the highest realms of Consciousness and your perception of love in the lower frequencies of your world.  
I want you to understand that even though I speak to you with all  my transcendent Being of LOVE,  I must still speak within the framework of your world thought in order to enlighten you.
Where I reside in the Consciousness of   I AM - is PURE LOVE.  As I descend in consciousness, my compassion grows and grows and  forces me to move down in consciousness frequencies to enter into the consciousness of your plight in your modern world.

How can I help you understand this?  Consider how it would be for you if you moved into a place of carnage, would not your loving concern be deeply compassionate?  Would you not be passionate in your rejection of the scenes of suffering?  Even so am I, although I know  it is all part of the evolutionary process of transcending the ego individuality .  Only through the lessons of suffering will the journeying soul gain self- knowledge to retain individuality after it has discarded the ego.
I am LOVE - unconditional Love pure and simple, and in my words there is no judgement.

Therefore, if my  words seem harsh when you do not expect harshness from me, since I claim to be LOVE personified, please understand that I have not descended at this time to have a loving visit with you, to give you words of comfort to lift your spirit, to tell you how blest you are in Reality but do not yet realise it.  I have come to render you a loving service. I have come expressly to give you the worldly facts which cause you pain, illusory as they really are, to show you what you are all helping to create for yourselves.  

Just as no loving and successful teacher enjoys the  words he must use to help aggressive pupils see and acknowledge the harm they do in the classroom, so must  I  speak about your present condition in worldly words you may understand to enable you to work to rise above it.  But I do not speak the words to condemn the action or the doer of the action.  I am LOVE, the embodiment of PURE LOVE, but I speak as the situation demands to people who have not yet managed to overcome their ego frailties.   I love all people - for I am all LOVE - but LOVE dons many masks in its loving attempt to reach out and help those who are seeking relief from present distress.

I speak to you with the words of logic because you have created your world to fit what you deem logical and therefore believable.  If I were to approach you with the   'meaning'   expressed by Love, you would be all at sea because 'the meaning'  would not conform to your logic and you would still refuse to believe that I have spoken.

LOVE   transcends and eliminates the need for the Ten Commandments but there are few in your world who can truly understand this.

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