I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU ABOUT EVOLUTION.  How a study of evolution will enlarge your understanding of the activity of Divine Consciousness within creation. I touched on this in my Letter 1 but you should study the subject yourself and you will be amazed at your discoveries concerning Divine Consciousness in action.

You will discover that whatever evolutionary adaptation takes place in the body is exactly suited to the body's new requirements. This is not a universe created arbitrarily or without the deepest loving concern for the living entities which inhabit it.  In every case, a study of evolution will reveal an IMPULSE at work within creation which displays knowledge of the entirety of creation, knowledge of the needs of the least entity and how to perfectly fulfill them.

Therefore, if you can only grasp that you are maintained and supported by this Divine Consciousness which I also term LIFE, and can realise that it KNOWS YOUR NEEDS, and that IT is geared to answering, fulfilling your needs in the very best way to bring you into a stress-free state physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - then you can let go your fears and anxieties - and you can trust IT implicitly.

If only you could begin to realise this perfectly, absolutely, completely, comprehensively, compellingly and could stop thinking that your own little finite, limited minds can plan your futures.  

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