I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR BELIEF IN YOUR OWN SELF-SUFFICIENCY which is holding you back from achieving true self-surrender and the eventual ascent to Christ Consciousness.
How can you plan anything at all when you do not really know what tomorrow will bring? You don't know! You can only hope!  Have you ever truly realised this about your mind power? You can only HOPE you know what tomorrow will bring. You are trapped in to-day, thinking you have stable access to all your environment, but in fact through sheer lack of knowledge of where you really stand in relation to the world, you know nothing, you only hope!

So why do you cling to your belief and trust in your limited knowledge and assert that your limited mind ALONE can make the best plans for your tomorrows when you have within you,   DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
Which is Itself ALL KNOWLEDGE of your tomorrows and the next ten years and even eternity.

IT knows your true purpose on earth, do you?

IT knows what will truly make you happy, what will truly make you healthy, what will truly help you ascend the spiritual ladder of ecstatic spiritual consciousness. So why can you not let go self-will and seek the supreme Love Guidance of THAT which created your world for you to enjoy?  When will you rid your minds of all the old tales of Jehovah's vengeance told you in the Bible, and discover for yourself that the Will of the 'Father' is only JOY, Health, Happiness, Fulfilment of your every need.

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