Earthly Consciousness is a fabric you spin with your thoughts and feelings. If only you had heightened perceptions, you would see it as a kind of dense fog.  This is released into the air around you. When it is not ignited with the powerful drive of desire, intention, purpose, it lies around you like so much waste. But when your thoughts and feelings unite in thought patterns of desire, or intention or purpose, you have created a life- form. That life-form is a blue-print, an electrical outline of your intention and the corresponding magnetic field of emotion draws particles of energy together to bring this driving intention into visible manifestation.  

Please realise that this creation in the unseen around you is yours. Out of your limited knowledge of yourself - yes, your very limited knowledge of yourself, what you really believe, how you really react in certain circumstances, how you really impinge upon your environment and affect other people, how truly honest you are in all circumstances - out of this very limited knowledge, you contrive to build these consciousness forms - the blue prints of your desires, intentions and purposes to be experienced in the future.
You do this unknowingly until you realise what you are doing. Then you will possibly join a class where you will be taught to do it deliberately.

Believe me, these are spurious creations. Do not do it. You see with limited vision. You do not know how you can actually distort the paths of others by this belief that you know what is best for yourself or others.  This is true error - this is a true trap for the unknowing. Created by the ego drive.

Hundreds of thousands - probably millions - believe that because they say: 'It is so' in faith, that statement will make it so. But they have no idea of what really lies in wait for them because of the various cosmic influences which play a huge part in their daily experience. They do not know what lies in wait as a result of their thinking and behaviour in the past. You cannot create the perfect life for yourselves - until you, yourself, are absolutely perfect within your mind, heart and actions and have worked through a kind of recompense for past hurts you have inflicted.  And yet millions of your financial currency are being spent on acquiring the knowledge of how to potently form such consciousness forms as will over- ride all the energy blue-prints surrounding you and make them null and void. You are all going in the wrong direction. All that you seek in harmony and health will elude you until you fully understand that EGO cannot create PERFECTION, until you wake up to the beautiful all -giving nature of Divine Consciousness which is your true Source of Being, the true Source of health, achievement, and inspiration. You are like children in a playground, playing together, making up stories of make-believe and wondering why the make-believe does not work.  The children are excited and energised by the imaginative and happy stories they tell each other but when they go home, they have to face the realities of life as their parents live it.

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