To send any LIFE of lasting value, not just a flash in the pan of physical energy which may uplift another person for a short while, you must first draw IT from Divine Consciousness during deep meditation, and as you do so, re-direct it towards the object of your good intentions. There is nothing in your personal energies which will open the doors of another person's mind to Truth. Only Truth itself can open the doors, can bring insight, can bring healing. The little 'i' mind is nothing but human and finite electromagnetic consciousness, human opinions, prejudices, negative reactions, logical arguments and rationalisation born of previous experiences. Until the little 'i' of ego is able to see the Divine and open itself to receive the Divine in as great a quantity as it is prepared to give time to receiving, it will remain impervious to any Truth which may be presented to it. Indeed, it will vehemently reject it.

So many millions love to pray, love to ask, and hope they will be heard. So many people resist giving time to meditation. Why? Because they do not truly believe they will be in contact with Divine Consciousness. If they believed, meditation would surely be their most fulfilling time of peace and joy during the day.  When stresses arise, unhappiness presses down, misery weeps, how blest and wonderful it should be for you to say: 'I will take this to my 'Father' in Whom is all loving comfort and fulfilment of my present needs'.
This is what I did on earth, when perplexed, when happy - I took time to rest my mind and invite my beloved 'Father' to enter in fullness of power to take over and bring me deep peace and the strength and inspiration to continue my mission.

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