I cannot truly explain why I am here with you today if you have not fully understood my Letters. Until you understand them you cannot become the loving creative individual who is needed to bring about the Era of Peace so passionately longed for by people on earth and yet so passionately withstood by people on earth.

I know well that this statement will be passionately resisted by many who will say:  'God is accessible by all'. And they speak truly.  But I repeat what I said on earth and I mean it - and I speak the Truth although it may arouse in your hearts, rebellion.  'The path you must walk to reach the longed for Era of Love and Peace is indeed narrow and absolutely straight.'  

You may jump the path but when your travels have eventually shown you that you have made a serious, even bitter mistake, you will find that your only sensible way forward is to get on the path again.  Since your wanderings may have led you to create many, many blue-prints of agony and sorrow, these will await manifestation in many ways, even as you struggle to master your consciousness anew to regain the path. But they will also cause you to seek Reality with greater fervour than before.  Therefore, there is no wrongdoing in jumping your path, - no judgement of your choices of your actions, only timely lessons bringing you back to your path. This is followed by the most blessed relief as again you become the recipient of what seems to be heaven-sent blessings and new joy in living.

Believe me, my beloved souls on earth, as you are now, you are not ready to bring about an era of peace. There is much talk about it, longing for it, belief that spiritual evolution has lifted you into a mind set capable of bringing you into an era of love and peace. But a great deal of this thinking is self-illusion, self-delusion. You forgive yourselves your mind sets, your thoughts, words, actions because you are in the world, fettered, blinded by your ego. You struggle bravely to adopt a more loving way to think, feel, respond to every experience but whilst  you  remain the single moving force within your consciousness, the ego will eventually win.

How will you respond if someone enters your home and wrecks it?  Will you forgive them instantly because of your deep compassion for their enormous insecurities in life?  Because you know that there is no loss when you can draw abundantly from the 'Father' again.  You will be able to do this when you have become fully at one with Divine Consciousness.

How will you respond if someone should slander you in public and try to destroy your good name? Will you be able to smile lovingly, peacefully and sincerely bless that person?  You will when you enter the ERA of LOVE and PEACE because there will no longer be any ego in you to resist any denigration.  You will see the denigrator clearly and will understand the impulse which impels him to harm another. Even more, your good name will no longer matter. You will be joyously in harmony with your Source of Being and that will open vistas of such ecstatic living which will reveal all lesser things to be of no account - mere negative illusions.

Can you bear to have your little inadequacies pointed out to you and accept them without needing to pull the cloak of protection around you - the cloak of explanations and excuses?  The more you can transcend your ego, the less will your inadequacies bother you. You will accept correction with grace and love and will make up your mind to do everything right in the future.  This is true spiritual evolution.

Only the mind set of one who has conscientiously worked through the full process of cleansing of consciousness, and constantly called on Divine Consciousness for help to become the embodiment of compassionate love, will be able to co-create - yes - co-create the kind of existence you would dearly love to experience on earth.

Do you realise how many people there are throughout your world who imagine they have found and practise unconditional love and yet they are ever on the look-out for other people who do not measure up to their standards of behaviour and are exhilarated and happy to judge or chastise them?  How can such a mind create an era of love and peace?

A spider spins its web. You spin your environment, health, well being in your minds with your desires, your intentions, your purposes.  This is not a process of judgement, you must understand - this is purely a statement of the reality within electro-magnetic energies. This is your truth. Until you fully acknowledge this and decide to seek conscious union with the Divine at all times, - the Era of Love and Peace will escape you.

When you have embodied the transcendent glory of love and compassion within your consciousness, when your consciousness is at rest, peaceful, without the least stain of criticism and rejection of any kind of otherness, you will indeed become a member of the Kingdom of God.

Until that time comes, I would have you KNOW that I am available, accessible at all times, compassionately aware and compassionately understanding of all you are having to endure at this moment. I am available as your love, your comfort and your re-assurance.  I am your Life, I am your Way, and I am your Truth. I love with deep compassion and an urgent longing to relieve you of your present burdens.  And I will relieve you of them if you will but come to me and let me respond with the warmth of my presence, and guidance and insight to help you rise above your present frailties and sadness.

Therefore, to help all those on earth who are willing to listen and accept my words and seek my comfort, I say to you what I said in my Letters:

It must be widely accepted that, in order to achieve a state of contented peace on earth, there must be a HIGHER VISION to strive to implement in your daily lives. Only by reaching for a higher vision will the physical world be rescued from widespread annihilation when unenlightened people will sadly reap of their present chaotic sowing.

This is not a judgement of criticism or condemnation, dear souls, but a statement born of the Laws of your Existence.

Without the higher vision either for the self or for the world, there can be no spiritual evolution or the achievement of that state of being when Divine Consciousness Itself will be clearly evident in you, your lives, and your circumstances. At that time, you will all have become transparencies of Divine Consciousness and as such you will experience a quality of life previously undreamed of.

Your vision of a perfect world and a perfect life should be of LOVE embracing all creation.  A giving and receiving without stint. A shining health and beauty radiating light from all that grows and from all living beings.  Ecstatic creativity of every kind. Ease of movement, travelling  being merely a matter of desire. Prosperous homes and joyous households. And everywhere, a manifestation of Divine Consciousness in every atom.

I cannot coin a better term for such a vision than Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven to describe the future earthly Quality of Being when Divine Consciousness clearly pervades all living things and they transparently manifest the nature of Divine Consciousness in their every second of earthly existence.

Sadly, millions have not yet glimpsed the Light and they spend their lives in seeking new spiritual experiences through new teachers and new knowledge, whereas the search should be for the experience of Divine Consciousness within and the spiritual vision arising therefrom. This can only be attained through constant and regular meditation.  

Only through meditation will you be enabled to still and quieten your mind completely. Only then, can Divine Consciousness enter your brain cells bringing Its own knowledge into your mind,  Only then can the flaws of ego be slowly dissolved from your brain cells and nervous systems.

I am seeking people who are willing to set aside their self-absorbed search for spiritual felicity, seeking spiritual ways to live a better life, own more possessions.

I am looking for people who will be willing to bond together in a mutual support system to begin to re-build themselves to become fit to join in creating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, when Divine Consciousness will reign supreme in the consciousness of all Heaven's people.
To achieve this purpose, I will set out clearly what true Members of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will be willing to accept.  The following are the rules that Members must agree to try to implement in their lives daily, followed by the reasons why the rule is so important.

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