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Christ has returned again to establish a Headquarters promoting  acclaimed Christ's Letters  and  encouraging people of all races and religions to form a Fellowship of Christ's Way.  Christ  explains origins of Christian dogma  imprisoning people in mythical beliefs for two thousand years.   He lovingly calls on  seekers of Divine Truth to unite in creating an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.   He promises to be their Shepherd and Protector.
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CHRIST'S TRUTH is directed at people who sincerely long to understand the true nature of existence, the purposes behind creation, the full potential of all created living beings. His Letters are highly pragmatic but consistently spiritual.

Because they have been written from an elevated or spiritual viewpoint of  us humans who are struggling on earth to find their way through a miasma  of fears, doubts, conflicts, depressions, frustrations, unhappiness, broken  relationships and poverty, Christ speaks authoratively - and lovingly -  about the earthly condition and describes the exact means of climbing out  of these conditions into wholeness of being. He says there is no punishment  from on high - we suffer because we do not understand the world we have  been born into.

He says we suffer because we do not understand the nature of creation and  exisence - and the spiritual Laws governing them.

He explains that these Letters are important to every single person, although  they may not think so. Everyone, whether interested in achieving spiritual  insight or not, eventually moves out of their physical body into a life  beyond. The experiences beyond the veil are dictated entirely by the state  of their consciousness and spiritual 'being' at the time of their death.  Therefore, death-bed confessions avail nothing. Violent consciousness can  only experience violence. Anger and hatreds are drawn to people of angers  and hatred. Greed and selfishness experience greed and selfishness from  others.


CHRIST has said:
'Let me tell you what LOVE is. It is giving and receiving. It is giving without question, without thought, without balancing of what has been received  and what given. It is also receiving with joy and gratitude, knowing that
the heart and soul of the 'giver' is joyfully involved in the giving.
    'Love is an outpouring of the soul force on the beloved'
  • It is a rejoicing
  • in the light of day upon the faces of others, welcoming them into your own patch of sunlight,
  • in the abundance which is poured out on others even as it is poured out on you,
  • in the acceptance of others in the very highest form of total and absolute acceptance - which is the clear perception of their indwelling flame of soul drawn from God.

It is the pure recognition that we are all one at soul-level.
When you have ascended into this vibration of selfless-soul love, you will be ready to come over gently, sweeetly, blissfully, and will receive the warm reception that is already in and of our LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS for you.

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