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Christ has returned again to establish a Headquarters promoting  acclaimed Christ's Letters  and  encouraging people of all races and religions to form a Fellowship of Christ's Way.  Christ  explains origins of Christian dogma  imprisoning people in mythical beliefs for two thousand years.   He lovingly calls on  seekers of Divine Truth to unite in creating an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.   He promises to be their Shepherd and Protector.
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This page features Christ's own welcome to viewers, with a brief explanation of his identity and his purposes in returning to speak to people through the medium of his website.  

Christ has made it possible for himself to return authentically by preparing an English woman's mind to receive his messages without distortion.  Many channellings are distorted due to the beliefs and prejudices already within the mind of the receiver.  To avoid this drawback, Christ first carefully de-programmed the woman's mind of all dogma and other false beliefs,  and then, over 40 years
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These are the LETTERS which Christ ultimately dictated and impressed within the woman's mind during the year 2000/2001.
He made her offer them to the world free of charge and without revealing her identity. Christ told her to do this because  the media makes so much of authors that their personalities and lives arouse more lasting public interest than do the books they have written.  Christ was explicit that the Letters must stand on their own - to be accepted by those who accepted their authenticity or rejected by those who felt the Letters were of no value to them.    
They can be found in  English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Tagalog (Philippine language)

This page presents a brief explanation of the truth concerning  existence itself which no religion touches on.

A viewer will find a message which was unexpectedly put through the mind of the Recorder in 2007.  So many people had been suggesting that a membership should be created for people interested in following Christ's Way according to the Letters,  but Recorder had felt that such a membership might be superficial and nothing much accomplished.   Then, one morning, as Recorder sat on her bed,  now 87, feeling rather low in spirits, not knowing how to spend her day, suddenly new ideas came into her mind and she knew that she must go to the computer and receive a message from Christ.   It came steadily through her mind for over 3 hours.   Previously tired, she was now exhilarated.   and she discovered that it offered people a membership not only  of  Christ's Way   but also of the Kingdom of Heaven - if they so wished and were prepared to help to create it.

If viewers should want to write to Recorder for any reason, to ask questions or relay a personal message,, click on Contact and you will be able to send an e.mail.

Questions &Answers  
This page is for those who are eager to deepen their understanding of Christ's teachings. If you would like an explanation of any text in the Letters, please write to Recorder  at
Christsway@mweb.co.za.   She will reply  in due course.

We have received so many wonderful spontaneous testimonies describing the joy experienced on finding Christ's Letters and the changing lives as a result of living the teachings.  These testimonies are truly inspirational, received over the years.

On this page members can enter with their email address, read the Dedications that were offered to Christ in response to His 20.10.2007 message and meditate on the Holy Page, helping to bring the Era of Love and Peace into manifestation

As a result of the request Christ has made in Letter 4 and 9 to come together and study the Letters, groups are being formed. To help people find these groups, as well as people living close by  to eachother  to start new groups, a map has been created.