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Christ has returned again to establish a Headquarters promoting  acclaimed Christ's Letters  and  encouraging people of all races and religions to form a Fellowship of Christ's Way.  Christ  explains origins of Christian dogma  imprisoning people in mythical beliefs for two thousand years.   He lovingly calls on  seekers of Divine Truth to unite in creating an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.   He promises to be their Shepherd and Protector.
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It is not possible that people have read and followed Christ's Teachings and have not found helpful changes taking place in their lives, sudden fortunate events occurring which were not co-incidence and were clearly a response to their prayer and meditation.

I would greatly appeciate a message of this nature from you.

At this critical time in our world history, you can personally work to promote the ascension of consciousness by contributing your stories and experiences which clearly reveal the working of the Divine in your lives.

Ernie wrote:
In the last 6 years I have been trying to find the real truth of God, reading numerous spiritual books, finding Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center, along with practicing prayer & meditation. Looking back now, I see that all these books have not come to me randomly, rather they have come to my awareness in perfect order in relationship to my growing understanding of the God Consciousness. I feel I have turned my life around with all of this learning. I am gratefully happy, I actually love myself and others, have learned to forgive, learned how to come from a place of Love from within, and have a guiding voice with me always, therefore never being alone. I know I can never go back to the person I was before, because there is nobody to blame for anything. All truth is within. I attract to myself, through my thoughts, all good and bad.

Two Sundays ago, after my wife and I came home from church, I decided I would work on removing, with a grain shovel, a heavy amount of snow that had slid off my roof onto the front porch adding to the snow already there. I did accomplish this feat, but in the process I ended up injuring my shoulder. Back in 1999, I had tore my rotater cuff in my left shoulder, was off work four months, had a doctor rebuild my cuff and healed from surgery. Anyway, this current left shoulder injury felt exactly like the 1999 injury. I felt excruciating pain and couldn't lift my arm even 6 inches. This pain went on all day Sunday and all day Monday, luckily Monday being a holiday because of Martin Luther King, so I didn't have to miss work. In the beginning I was seeing this injury out of fear based thoughts: Oh no, not again. Don't wanna be off work again, etc. I didnt sleep much that Sunday night because of the pain and I had always had a high tolerance for pain. Later I became aware of my fear, ego based, thoughts and decided I understood too much from my studies to be thinking this way. I had already been shown, at soul level from meditation, that Universal Life Consciousness is within and that I already had the power to heal myself. I decided this was a good opportunity to apply what I should have recognized already.
So Monday evening, for two hours or so, I went into the stillness within and basically talked to God Consciousness. I, in my personal way, explained that I was grateful for this opportunity. I knew and believed that the power of healing was always there for me. All I needed to do was ask for his guidence in doing this, which I did ask for. I listened for a good while and then toward the end of this meditative state I started affirming to myself and God that this healing was already done. So be it, thank you Love, Light Consciousness.
I went to bed still aware of the pain. I awoke Tuesday morning, jumped out of bed, got dressed, and made coffee. I was in a good mood. It wasn't until about 45 minutes after I awoke, while drinking my coffee, I realized that while getting dressed, I hadn't felt any pain. So I started waving my arms up and down as if doing jumping jacks. There was absolutely no pain to be found. Thank you God, thank you God out loud! I at first thought of this as a miracle, but then I realized this was just a natural flowing of unconditional Love from the God Consciousness flowing through me because I had asked and allowed it to happen.

My thoughts are my reality. I remember when Jesus healed people, he said " You are healed according to your faith." He only showed them how to heal themselves.

Thank you for asking, God Bless you, Ernie

Roxana wrote:
When I write to you, it's usually to comment how badly things are going for me; but I want to make the most of this email to tell you that my situation is improving slowly, that I feel different, I see things in another light. Maybe the situation hasn't changed much, but I live it in a different way. Although it's still difficult to silence my mind, my prayer is heard. I can feel the DIVINE PROTECTION. It's as if my problems no longer weigh me down. I feel more loving. I realise straight away when my ego is in control. Sometimes it wins and sometimes it doesn't. And I laugh because I can see how it wants to triumph....but this inner Voice calms me down, it takes me 'off the scene' and I become an observer. It's wonderful!
I've had to live through karmatic situations, but when I asked for Light, to understand why this is happening to me, I 'remember' the harm that I had caused years ago, and how I had made somebody suffer, believing and convinced that I was doing the right thing. It was amazing how my mind was opened and I could see the situation as if I was living it at that moment. And I could see and understand the pain I had inflicted on the other person. Instantly, my own pain disappeared with the 'understanding' and I asked forgiveness, and felt liberated. It was like magic, instantaneous!

I could see my selfish, possessive love and the harm it had caused. It's wonderful to be able to tell you that seeing the Light is incredibly amazing. And I'm so grateful for my inner peace and happiness. I can feel the DIVINE PROTECTION at my side. I wanted you to know.
I continue reading the LETTERS. I continue praying and although technically my life hasn't changed, I see it differently. it's no longer a heavy load, and I'm happy.
With all my Love, Roxana.

Thank you

Oscar wrote:
I hope you are well, I'm very well and want to mention something to you, about the LETTERS. Wonderful things have been happening to me since I started to meditate on each LETTER, as I read, and with the recommendations given in LETTER 6. I must tell you, that the energy I'm receiving during each Reiki session I give is totally different. The people to whom I give a Reiki session comment that they receive much Peace and they feel in control, in a very special state. What I receive when I'm giving Reiki is indescribable. I feel a current running throughout my body, a special warmth in all my body. What I'm receiving is absolutely different, and I tell you this with full knowledge, as I've been working in Reiki since 2003
I come out of meditation, completely dizzy, but very content for all that I'm receiving. I'm sending you an enormous hug, and I ask you to share this with the Recorder."

Jeroen (the Netherlands) wrote:
My guidance by Divine through the study of the Christ Letters,

My life has been tremendously changed by the reading and practising of the Christ Letters.

The transformation started when I realized I had to meditate daily on the prayer of Letter 8.

I combined this with the releasing of negative beliefs, and replacing them with positive ones, in every circumstance in my life, as Christ described in his Letter 6.

And when I looked back some weeks or months later, I realized my situation had changed, my attitude was different and any conflicts I had were transformed in to loving connections.

Divine does indeed transform every negative belief when you hand it over in perfect faith asking for a positive one.

But the biggest change came when I followed my inspiration in meditation, just one year ago, on April 10, 2008. I received this in reaction on my ongoing prayer to be shown my next step in my working career. I had done many things before this, but had lost all interest in them as well as income from these earlier talents.

In meditation I was told to put an ad on a specific web site for a very specific talent.

Strangely enough, I had been searching for four (!) years for a next move to make.

Even more strange, was the fact that I had been using the talent Divine told me to use, as a side tool for many years, but had always seen it as that: a side tool. I was amazed, because it never occurred to me, I could use this as a way to generate an income. I had overlooked the solutions that were right in front of me!

In the beginning the flow of work was limited, so I was still fearing to have too small an income. I did not understand the true Nature of Divine yet: Perfect fulfillment of every need in the most perfect way.

So I thought: ‘I do have other talents. Why not place an ad for those as well.’

This was a very salutary lesson for me. Because little if no reaction came from these other ads. But more importantly, all that came from the reactions were discussion about payment and strange circumstances where I was wondering how I got caught up in this. I have never any discussion when approached for the talent Divine showed me!

As I learned more about Divine, by reading the Letters, through advises from Recorder and the answer to How to Pray on the Questions and Answers section, the most amazing thing happened.

The seed it had planted by putting this ad on the web site, began to grow, by itself, without me doing anything, what so ever. Of course I meditated and gave thanks every day for what I was and would receive, but I did not undertake ANY action to attract business.

In June, someone called me, telling me he was referred to me by a person whom I didn’t even know! When I inquired how the referrer knew about my existence, he said he had found my ad as he was searching for someone he could refer to when he was faced with a job too big for himself.

This has been an ongoing process. People find me through this single ad.

I have several prospects now, which will guarantee my income for the coming year.

I now present every step I propose to take to Divine, to feel if it is the right one to take.

If I am not sure, I simply wait, until I am sure.

Because I KNOW that if I follow ITS lead, I will find that what I need, for myself, for my family.

I also know that Divine is working in my life, to show me where I can grow, showing me pieces of consciousness that need cleansing, and if I sit with these in meditation and ask to be shown the way forward, inspiration comes and I will know what to ask for in return, and my consciousness will become higher in frequency, so that I may attract even happier circumstances.

Roxana wrote:
I hope you are feeling well. I am still on the Path of CHRIST'S LETTERS and I wanted to tell you how well I am day after day, how everything is changing. Each day I feel happier, with more Love to give, and I'm very conscious that I still have a long way to go. It's incredible to see everything and everyone from the point or view of LOVE; to realise instantly when I make a mistake. I know that many miracles will occur in my life. I am at Peace, with no fear. I live each day without worrying, happy and grateful. The change within me has been unbelievable and there's still so much more to come.
But my greatest wish is to change my consciousness, and I know that I'm on the right path, and that when I get there, I'll BE THERE!
I want to express my gratitude to you and to Recorder for all that you are doing. I wish you many Blessings and all my Love, Roxana.

Myrza wrote:
I wanted to tell you what I've seen in my son since he started reading CHRIST'S LETTERS. He's completely devoted to following CHRIST'S WAY, and I can see it in his life. I've seen how his health has improved, his work, his environment...its Marvellous. His FAITH, his LOVE towards everyone.

I'm 53 years old. I've always been looking for 'something more', and here it is, CHRIST'S WAY. Myrza.